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[调查内容] A survey is taken onpublic opinions of the fact thatmany parents spend a large amount of money sending their children to study abroad, some of whom are middle school students.

[调查结果]From it we can see that38 percent of those surveyed thinkit is worth the money letting children study abroad to get a better education so that they can get pay in return in the future.However,not all are for it / some are against it.62% of themhold the view thatit is difficult for young people to live and study in a foreign country. It’s easy for them to fall / get into some bad habits and the cost of education in another country is ten times as much as that at home.

[解决措施]The survey shows thatthe government should set up different kinds of schools to meet the demands of different children.(句型do something /take measures / steps about do sth)


We want our schoolbags lighter

[图画内容]The picture shows usa schoolboy and a big woman. The boy is wearing a pair of glasses and carrying a big heavy bag. The woman is taking some exercise. The boy is saying to the woman jokingly: “Mum, if you carry the schoolbag for me, I’m sure you will easily lose weight….”

[社会实际]It’s quite common thatChinese students are overburdened with the lessons and homework. What we do every day is to listen to the teachers’ lectures, take notes and do our homework which seems endless.

[个人想法]We do hopeour teachers will help us get more knowledge with fewer lectures, exercises and less homework. Only in this way can we have time to do sports every day. Then we will be mentally and physically healthy.



To help students learn more about computers, we have invited Professor Wang from the Computer Department of Qinghua University to give us a lecture on Saturday, December 22nd. Professor will talk about the use of computer and how to learn through the Internet.

The lecture begins at 2;00pm in Room 204 of the Library Building. Any computer-lover is welcome to attend the lecture. Please bring your questions in computer learning. Professor Wang will leave you time for questions.

Don’t forget to be on time.

the Students’ Union

Dec. 19th, 2004


Ladies and gentlemen,

Welcome to our school! Now let me introduce something about the changes that have taken place in our class.

We used to listen and take notes in class, but had no time to think for ourselves. Because we were not interested in the lessons, we often felt sleepy while listening. After school we had to finish much homework, unable to have some sports.

However, things are different now. With the help of computers, the lessons are so lively and interesting that the students are active to answer the questions instead of falling asleep. As a result, we have made greater progress than before, though we spend less time doing our homework. And we can enjoy ourselves after class.

The good teaching method is popular with all of us. We will try our best to study even harder.

That’s all. Thank you!


Dear Sir/Madam,

I learned from the newspaper that your company needs an English secretary. I’m really interested in this position so I am writing to apply for it.

I’m 18 years old and will graduate from Xinxing Foreign Languages School this July. I’m an excellent student, among the top 5 in my class of 50 students. I’m good at English, especially spoken English. I often use the computer and I type very fast. In my spare time, I read a lot. Poems are my favorite. I enjoy music very much too. Being an active young person, I like sports and outdoor activities. Besides, I’m easy to get along with and I like to make friends.

I hope I may be granted(授予)an interview, and then I can explain my qualifications(资格,条件)more fully. I am looking forward to your reply.