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人的成长需要好的环境,写作当然也要求有个好的环境。况且,写作是个复杂的思维过程,那么你知道怎么写 作文 吗?下面是我为大家带来的初中英文作文,希望你喜欢。


There is no doubt that football is No. 1 sport in the world. People from all around the world are so crazy about this match. In China, a lot of people stay up all the night just to watch the football match from TV. The fans from different areas make up the group just to support their teams. These fans sit together and cheer for their idols. It is such a great moment for them. Though the football level in China is below the international, more and more teenagers work on this field and they fight for the country’s future. This year, the football team has won some important matches and win respect from the world.


The new term is coming. I am so excited because in the new term, I will be a Grade 8 student. In the new term, I will have some new teachers. As for me, I want to make a difference in the new term, so I have made a plan for it.First, my Chinese and English are the best and I will work hard to keep them good as usual. But my math and physics are not as good as Chinese and English.Therefore, I have to try my best to improve them. Except preview and finishing homework, I have to review regularly to strengthen knowledge. Second, I will pay more attention to news, so that I will read more newspapers and watch news program.I don't want to be a student who just study only. Last, I will do exercise twice a week.Badminton and table tennis are my favorites. All in all, I look forward to my life in Grade 8.


Good morning, everyone! my name is lu xin. i am so happy to stand in front of you to introduce myself. i am thirteen years old. i graduated from the no.1 primary school of our city. i like reading books and playing badminton. i hope we can take exercises after class. besides, i like watching movies and listening to pop music. i am sure there are some classmates have the common interests with me. therefore, we can communicate with each other. in primary school, i did well in chinese but math is not so good. i hope i can make progress in middle school. i am very excited to be a classmate of you and i hope we can make progress and have good days together.


The winter holiday is coming. I expect it very much, because the Spring Festival is the most important event of all the holidays. First, I will relax myself. This term I work very hard, so during the holiday, I want to have fun. My families will go back to the hometown. We will get together to celebrate the Spring Festival. I like families getting together and organizing various activities. It’s funny and warm. Of course, study can’t be ignored. After the festival, I will spend some time on my study. There will be exercises for the holiday. And I will do some reviews for next term. Math is my weakness, so I must work hard to improve it. This is my plan for winter holiday.


In the past three years, the life of middle school has impressed me deeply. Many stories happened. The following is one of them.

Xiao Ming was one of my good friends. One day, a little thing caused a serious quarrel between us. From then on, we didn't talk to each other. I had hoped to make peace with him but I finally failed to do that because of my being afraid of losing face. Not until he moved to another city with his parents did I know I lost my friend forever.

The lesson I learned from this is that if you realize your mistakes, you should correct them at once, or you may leave yourself lasting regrets.

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